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Sound of Creation, Super Consciousness 8 Hz | Theta Waves | Music For Brain Power | 3 Hours Music
" Transporting Glucose To Cell " Chromium "Cr" 7.83Hz Theta Waves, Base Frequency 384 Hz #RMBB
"Regulates Body in Functioning" Isochronic Iodine "I" 7.83Hz Theta, Base Frequency 424 Hz #RMBB
Isochronic Lead "Pb" 7.83Hz, Base Frequency 445.35Hz, Shielding Against Radiation, Powerful Healing
Activate Hemoglobin" Isochronic IRON 'Fe' with noise 7.73Hz Theta Waves With Base Frequency 416 Hz
Trauma Recovery 7 Hz Theta Waves, Emotional and DEEPEST Healing | Let Go Of All Negative Energy
Meditation Music Law of Attraction 4 Hz, 6.15 Hz, 9 Hz & Theta Base frequncy 221.23 Hz
Tibetan Ambient Music: Tibetan Powerful Meditation Music, Extreme Frequency 4.5 Hz Theta Waves#RMBB
Music of Tibetan Culture, An Extreme Binaural waves 4.5 Hz Theta Waves with Ambient Music #RMBB