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Meditation Music Law of Attraction 4 Hz, 6.15 Hz, 9 Hz & Theta Base frequncy 221.23 Hz

Law of Attraction with the Base Frequency for the Immediate Healing for the inner pain or getting relax to heal yourself. 4 Hz Delta Waves for Brain, theta stimulation; Headaches, due to unknown cause; Hypophyseal (pituitary) disturbances; Vertigo/ Vitamag 6.15 Hz for Hypertension; Hypertension, diastolic high pressure; Pesticide detox; Spastic stiff neck; Stiff neck; Vitamag 9 Hz for Lung, infection; Meniere's disease (alternate); Orchitis; Prostate, general problems; Vitamag 221.23Hz for Third Eye Astral Projection OBE Binaural Isochronic) Any Kind of Pain felt inside example Like Headache, Toothache, Muscles Pain, Back Pain, Sleepless, Migraine or Anxiety, Etc #MusicForTreatment , #MusicForCure, #MusicForPainRelief, #PainReliefMeditation ,#DeltaPainRelief #ThetaWaves Relaxing Music & Binaural Beats is directly concern with the healing binaural frequency. It is a Process of Bio-Energy or Bio-Resonance Nutrition where Balancing", rather of "Rifeing" approach of ‘blasting apart pathogens'. These experimental binaural beats frequencies are introduced as ‘balancing' or ‘normalizing' or ‘stimulating' to body system functions. Relaxing Music and Binaural Beats is a dedicated and devoted YouTube channel which makes a new age music for you to relax. Our goal is to enhance your experience of Yoga , Meditation & Relaxation, Chakra Healing Meditation, Relaxing Music, Astral Projection, Dreaming music,etc.

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