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Transporting Glucose To Cell | Isochronic Chromium "Cr" 7.83Hz Theta Waves, Base Frequency 384Hz

" Transporting Glucose To Cell "Isochronic Chromium "Cr" 7.83Hz Theta Waves with Base Frequency 384Hz#RMBB by Relaxing Music and Binaural Beats, Where Transporting Glucose To Cell for balancing sugar level of body, Powerful Healing Music also including Nature Healing Music with Water-flow. #MusicforSugarPatient #MusicForBalancingSugarLevel Why is Chromium Binaural Beats Used In Body ? Chromium is a trace metal that the body requires in minimal amounts, but is crucial for integral functions such as metabolism. Chromium helps the body regulate blood sugar levels by transporting glucose to cells. How Does Binaural Wave Frequency Works ??? Binaural Frequency which creates a vibration for the body working as per superlative way to the need of energy to activate the Body Date of Discovery in 1797 and Discovered by Louis Vauquelin Name Origin: From the Greek word chrôma (color) Uses: Stainless steel Obtained From: Chromite Name: Chromium Symbol: Cr Atomic Number: 24 Atomic Mass: 51.9961 amu Melting Point: 1857.0 °C (2130.15 K, 3374.6 °F) Boiling Point: 2672.0 °C (2945.15 K, 4841.6 °F) Number of Protons/Electrons: 24 Number of Neutrons: 28 Classification: Transition Metal Crystal Structure: Cubic Density @ 293 K: 7.19 g/cm3 Relaxing Music & Binaural Beats is directly concern with the healing binaural frequency. It is a Process of Bio-Energy or Bio-Resonance Nutrition where Balancing", rather of "Rifeing" approach of ‘blasting apart pathogens'. These experimental binaural beats frequencies are introduced as ‘balancing' or ‘normalizing' or ‘stimulating' to body system functions.

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